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Welcome to ROSS-HR, Resumes by ROSS – The Nation’s Premier Resume, Job Search & Interview Coaching Service.

Robert O. Snelling, Sr.
President & CEO

ROSS-HR was founded by Robert O. Snelling, Sr., (ROSS), a founder and former Chairman of the Board of Snelling and Snelling, Inc., one of the largest franchised staffing companies in the nation. With over fifty years of human resources and franchise experience, Bob has authored three books on getting and keeping the right job. He is widely recognized as a leading expert and coach in the field of resumes, job searching and careers.

The Vision Statement
"It is the desire of our heart to teach others what we have learned in a lifetime of helping millions find their place in the world. A place where they can use their skills, abilities, education, experience and leading to make a difference in their lives, the lives of others, and especially the lives of their families."

Bob & Anne Snelling
Founders of ROSS-HR

"The advice of a wise man refreshes like water from a mountain spring. Those accepting it become aware of the pitfalls ahead." 
- Proverbs 13:14

What Our Clients Have to Say...
"I have read your resume coaching document and it makes great sense. Then I read the resume that you wrote for me.  I must say, I've read hundreds, maybe thousands of resumes, and I have never seen one so efficiently constructed or so concise.  As an employer, if I received one written such as this I would certainly have given it a top priority.  Thanks!"  

- Executive, Hawaii:  Built $32 million company from scratch

"...I have worked with numerous companies over the years, and I must say it was truly a pleasure working with you and your team.  The courtesy and professionalism have been second to none.  If ever I have the need, I will be contacting you again."                                                       

- Business Owner, Florida:   Edited Business Plan & Created Bio 

“All is well. Very well actually!  With your help I was able to land a great job with [….....]! I am so happy now compared to two months ago.  Thank you so much for all your advice, follow up, phone calls, a great resume and all of your encouragement.  God Bless!                            - Restaurant Manager, Texas 

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Anne M. Snelling
Co-founder of
ROSS HR, has worked for 15 years as V.P. of Human Resources.


Each week millions of Americans struggle with the daunting task of finding a job. Most have little experience and even less knowledge of how to go about it.  The average worker changes jobs 3-7 times in a lifetime.  Many of those changes come about by happenstance rather than through a reasoned, well thought out plan of action.  This catch as catch can approach to job finding attributes to 70% of our workers being totally unhappy or somewhat unhappy with their present job and interested in finding something better.

ROSS-HR was formed to help job seekers wade through a maze of misinformation about the job market and how it functions. Virtually every resume we see has to be reworked and upgraded to meet the needs and demands of our digitally defined world.  Job seekers need to be Coached on how to deal with Employment Agencies and Staffing Services and get the best out of them.  They need to be Coached on how to find the top Recruiters who specialize in their defined area of expertise, be it accounting, engineering, sales, IS, insurance, medical... ad infinitum.

Interviewing can be nerve wracking and stressful unless the job seeker has been Coached on how to make it a fun, fact finding experience that is a two way street between them and the employer.  Learning how to find the 80% of the un-advertised jobs that make up the hidden job market and get through to the decision makers in the hiring process are all part of ROSS-HR's Coaching regimen.

Job seekers routinely pay hundreds of dollars just to have a resume written.  It is usually one that looks good and makes them feel good, but does not meet the criteria that employers are utilizing today to make those go or no go on the spot interviewing decisions.  Additionally most resume writers do not have the expertise necessary to coach their customers on the job search.

ROSS-HR brings 50 years of experience to the table on resume preparation, job search & interviewing.  Along with that they bring the Innovation and Integrity which are necessary to do the job.  It is this creativity, imagination and ingenuity coupled with honesty & candor and a strong desire to help every client find the very best job...The Right Job... sometimes for the first time in their life.. that puts us on the road to quickly becoming the number one Resume & Job Coaching system in the country.


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