Expert Gives Advice to College Graduates

Another Tip From Bob Snelling, CEO of ROSS-HR

Don’t take the first offer you get, especially from the campus recruiters. The job market has never been hotter. When they say unemployment is 4.7%, an all time low, that’s not the half of it. If we’re really counting the true unemployed, it’s more like 2.7. Companies are begging for help of all kinds from trainees to those highly experienced. They are using ads, in-house recruiters and out-house recruiters, employment agencies and their own employees to find the personnel they need. 

Job Coach and Employment Expert, Bob Snelling says, "Don’t let others, friends, family, professors or placement offices try to discourage you by saying there are few openings for trainees."  There are 140 million people working and everyone had to start as a trainee. Three and a half to four million people get a job every month and that can’t fill the need.  The campus recruiters will try to sign you up and  take you off the market.  Don’t let that happen!  Get a written offer from them with time to check the marketplace.  This is good for them too, they won’t get you and lose you within two months when you hear of some better job someone else got.

Get some professional help with your resume and job search. This is not to knock your college placement office, but there are coaching companies out there who do this every day for a living.  Their charge is nominal, about 3 cups of Cafe Latte Grande a month will cover it. Since your folks probably spent a fortune getting you through college, they will happily spring for this cost  just to keep you from landing home on them again crying that there are no jobs for trainees.

 Bob, the former Chairman of Snelling and Snelling, is now the CEO of ROSS-HR, a resume and job coaching organization.  He advises clients of all kinds to get at least three job offers before making a final decision.

April, 2006


   ROSS-HR, Inc.

Rober O. Snellling, Sr., President