Another tip from Bob Snelling, CEO of ROSS-HR

Employers are using every means at their disposal to check out potential employees.  They disguise themselves as college students so they can get into the new “My Space” type of blogs or web sites for students only. They hire private investigators to check up on and check out favorable looking job applicants whom they’ve made an offer to… pending of course reference and credit checks.

Why are employers seemingly paranoid about who they hire these days?  Enron is just the tip of the iceberg. Hundreds of companies are coming under the gun for a plethora of reasons: Seemingly shady stock dealings; bribing government officials for contracts; collusion with competitors and ‘cooking the books’ in a variety of ways for reasons that are not readily apparent.  The problem is, many of these nefarious schemes are not condoned by those at the top and in many cases not even known by the top brass.  As a CEO you are at the mercy of your CFO and his phalanxes of computers. Congress has allowed the IRS to so complicate the tax code that even they no longer understand it.

Companies are constantly looking for the leaders of tomorrow.  If you are a top executive and your stock options are dependent on the company continuing to do good after you retire or your pension dependent on the companies ability to continue to  pay, you will want to do everything in your power to make sure those who follow in your footsteps are going to do nothing to jeopardize your security.  This not only means finding competent people but also finding honest people.

Finding honest employees is getting harder and harder to do in this age of anything goes. We are now faced with several generations raised in Godless schools and universities with no absolutes and no scruples.  It started innocently enough with crib notes being sold at the local bookstore to blue books stashed away in the Fraternities library to outright theft of upcoming exams.  Cheating is rampant and many students have no ethical or moral objection to them or others doing it.  Teachers and Professors turn a blind eye to it so they will look good.  Educators have even gone so far as to help students score well on standardized government tests and not by teaching and coaching them.

As a nation we used to sneer at Russia’s and China’s rampant nepotism yet we are finding the same thing going on here.  It’s not what you know but who you know. People on the firing line hiring illegal aliens and thinking nothing of it. Students selected on the basis of race rather than intelligence. The exclusion of professors of faith. A teachers union that rewards mediocrity and fights vouchers. The “what” is scored and the “how” ignored. We elect people who have been in jail or, in some cases, who are still in jail. We laud those who bend and break our laws continuing to pay professors who are criminals and in jail.

Companies that care are fighting back.  It’s a matter of survival of the fittest.  Just like Momma checking out your diary hidden under the bed they are checking you out from stem to stern.  Who do you associate with?  They figure, and rightfully so, birds of a feather flock together.  Are you saying things on the internet that would curl your Mother’s hair?  Have you paid or are you paying off your college loans?  Have you declared bankruptcy, lost a home or car for lack of payments?  Been RIF’d with a bunch of others for no seemingly good reason? Are drugs a part of your hidden life?  Can you withstand the scrutiny that people running for office come under?

Your hidden history could cost you the job of a lifetime. 

Is it worth it to put at risk your hard work, your future and your family?

June, 2006


   ROSS-HR, Inc.

Rober O. Snellling, Sr., President