A Word To The Wise

Another Tip from Bob Snelling, CEO of ROSS-HR



…and several to the not so wise.  A former President once said, as he wildly waved his arms about, "Everybody has to have meaningful employment" which was a great line to get elected.  Trouble is, what is meaningful to one may not be to another. Working far beneath the streets of New York to repair the sewers may be meaningful to the person who is putting the bread on the table, but there are millions who would not find it so.

The newest, hot book on the job market, "The New American Workplace," says, in essence, if employers don't make their jobs less repetitive and more interesting, their people are going to have all kinds of mental and physical problems.  Evidently, these writers feel that our American jobs leave a lot to be desired when they say, "…able bodied U.S. citizens panhandle on the streets of American cities refusing to look for paid employment."

Is it the jobs or the attitudes of the job seekers?  Are these platitudes applicable to the entire country or are they just found in certain areas?  Perhaps, people are not landing the interesting jobs because they are not qualified for one reason or another.  We have a great lack of engineers graduating. Why is that?  Are there not enough jobs for them? Evidently not, since foreign students are lapping up the engineering degrees. Maybe the courses are too hard and students want the easy way out. Why should a Chinese engineer be designing toys and not some American youth who grew up surrounded by toys?  Why should 18-year-old Chinese girls be putting those toys together?  Why not some of our High School drop outs, while they get a GED and save their money for Cosmetology school?

Then there is an attitude of 'accept me as I am' I have my rights'… to long hair (regardless of how greasy),  facial hair (regardless of how scraggly), tattoos and rings on noses, chins, eyebrows and tongues. A recent listing of EXECUTIVE CHANGES in the Dallas Morning News gave their pictures and titles.  Out of twenty-two, only two had any facial hair, one a conservative moustache and one a short beard.  All had short hair except the lone woman VP.  Didn't see one bit of jewelry on anyone's face.  These are General Managers, VP's, Sr. VP., Regional VP of Sales, Managing Partner, Sr. Associate, Executive Director and CEO. If you want to move up the ladder, look at those above you. Green Frogs like Green Frogs.

Right now, across America, there are millions of unfilled jobs going begging.  These are good jobs on all levels and not just to pick apples. Employers are pulling out all the stops to find the people they want and need. College recruiting is up. Advertising is up… in all media. Bonuses are being paid to employees who bring in a new hire. Your future is waiting.

July, 2006


   ROSS-HR, Inc., Dallas

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