Unemployment Compensation Rip Off

Another Tip from Bob Snelling, CEO of ROSS-HR

Bob Snelling calls on the government to plug the holes in massive rip off of unemployment compensation funds.  Would you believe that approximately 313,000 people filed to collect Unemployment Compensation last week?  According to USA TODAY, the amount was down 2,000 from the previous week. If it ran the same for a year, we'd be looking at fifteen million people who wanted to and most probably did, collect money from the rest of us who are working. The problem is this:  We are at a ten year low of unemployed.  Unemployment is running about 4.6% which most thinking people consider full employment because of the way the unemployed are counted. 

Remember how upset we were when the government put all those nice accountants and CPA's out of work by closing down one of the big eight accounting firms?  We needn't have worried. They all went back to work and most at higher salaries. Today there is a shortage of accounting personnel of all kinds. Why? The government passed the Sarbanes Oxley Act which increased the accounting workload for both companies and accounting firms.  Now they are competing with each other for the same pool of accountants and driving the salaries up. 

When retail stores go out of business others are lining up to offer jobs to their staff.  Companies have these RIF's (Reduction In Force) and let go six figure executives who are then garnering two and three similar offers.  Approximately 3.5-4 million people get a job every month and there are still millions of jobs going begging and they are not to pick apples or work in fast food although there is nothing wrong with those jobs.  

Don't believe me, just check out a few job web sites and put in any job title you'd like: sales, accounting, factory help, clerical, whatever… you'll find in many cases hundreds of thousands of jobs available. The Dallas Morning News reported that the job gains in Texas alone in June were over 30,000.  So why in the world does anyone have to collect unemployment compensation?  If we knew the truth many of them want to take a vacation or fix up the house or the boat or visit relatives.  There are no teeth to the "you've got to be actively looking for a job" in order to collect.  People are encouraged to do their looking on line and discouraged from coming in and bothering the people who work for the government in the placement activity. 

Yes, there are some who really need help both monetarily and in the area of job search.  The sad part of this is that the amount they get might not cover their mortgage payment much less provide them a semblance of a living while they look for work.  At least, for those, it's a great incentive to enter into an 'all out war' job hunt.  

Thank goodness we've been able to cut down the number of able bodied individuals who were collecting welfare. Now, it's time to take a look at those who take a vacation at the expense of those who are working  everyday at jobs that some of these turn their nose up at. There would be less of an incentive for illegal aliens to risk their lives to get here.  If more of these workers went back to work right away our country would be even more productive than it is.

August, 2006


   ROSS-HR, Inc., Dallas

   Robert O. Snelling, Sr., President, 214-618-2523