Another tip from Bob Snelling, CEO of ROSS-HR

You’ve heard statements like these: 

  • “Nobody hires in December, they wait till January.” 

  • “We can’t hire now, we have to wait for budget approval and that won’t come till the first of the year.”

  • “Everybody is busy with Christmas parties and they don’t have time to interview and check references.” 

  • “The hiring authorities are all on vacation and we can’t get a decision on hiring.”

Don’t you believe it, our best months of the year in finding people jobs were July (when all the hiring authorities were supposed to be on vacation) and December.  Sales Managers are getting rid of the losers and hiring for the big push in January.  Office Managers are staffing up for all that business that’s going to come and getting the new people trained now… in December.  Plants are gearing up for the new product lines that will be introduced at the first of the year.  People still retire, move, have babies and even quit or get RIF’d in December.

So while your competitors for the best jobs are busy addressing Christmas cards, get busy sending your resume and knocking on doors. 

Your best Christmas present will be that new Job!

December, 2005


   ROSS-HR, Inc.

Rober O. Snellling, Sr., President



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