(Dallas, Texas - January 23, 2006)
Robert O. Snelling, Sr.'s newest venture, RESUMESBYROSS, a resume writing, job coaching and job interviewing business helping job candidates get the job they want, caught the attention of Bob's longtime friend, Richard N. Bolles, author of the 2006 edition of What Color Is Your Parachute (9 million copies in print). Bolles writes
, "I have always believed that getting a job is ultimately an issue of finding your mission in life. Wise decisions about the long haul work best when you can combine your passions with your skills and experience. I've known Robert Snelling for almost 30 years, during most of the time when he was founding and then heading up his world-famous agency, Snelling & Snelling. Now with this new venture, RESUMESBYROSS, he is helping people with the process one must go through to find the position that rings true to the mission one feels called to in life. I am glad to see it."


The experience Bob gained founding and building Snelling & Snelling taught him first hand what makes a good resume and how to "GETAYES", as he says, when landing the job of your dreams. Approximately 7 million people are unemployed at any given time.  However every month over 3.5 million Americans find a job.  Although some job searches are planned, the majority are unplanned for a variety of reasons.  From the need for a second income to a workforce reduction at their current company, the reasons are as varied as the workers themselves.  Every American worker is facing a new reality - the corporate environment has changed. Bob Snelling observes, "Gone are the days of lifetime jobs and single careers. As a matter of fact, the typical American worker will change jobs six to eight times and 40% of those will change careers at least two or three times."


With the challenge of finding a new job, comes the daunting task of creating a great resume and securing enough interviews to know the job offer is the right job to take.  RESUMESBYROSS helps the job seeker create a unique set of resumes, and provides job coaching for the actual job search.  Richard Bolles adds, "Candidates need extra focus in today's fast paced, job environment, Bob's skills at job coaching draw upon years of experience and wisdom. I am sure he will continue to help many, in this new form."



The company is founded by Robert O. Snelling, Sr. and his wife Anne M. Snelling and is located near Dallas in the suburb of Frisco, Texas.  It has a nationwide network of job coaches who assist job candidates in the art of resume writing, interviewing skills and getting a job.  The vision statement of RESUMESBYROSS: It is the desire of our heart to teach others what we have learned in a lifetime of helping millions find their place in the world. A place where they can use their skills, abilities, education, experience and leading to make a difference in their lives, the lives of others, and especially the lives of their families.  The parent company of RESUMESBYROSS is ROSS-HR, Inc.  a company that hires and trains affiliates in resume, job search and interview coaching.


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Source: ROSS-HR, Inc.