February 7, 2006 (Dallas, Texas) RESUMESBYROSS introduces a variable fare structure that allows student job seekers to receive a professionally written  resume for half the cost of a standard career level resume. In addition, the student is teamed with a job coach to provide specific coaching in the job search and job interview process. Students ready to graduate from high school pay only $79.  Students graduating from college pay only $159.  The pricing structure is based on a situational model that takes into consideration the relative difficulty of each resume category.  The cost not only provides the student a professional resume, but teams the student with a job coach.  The job coach guides the student in the job search and job interview process for as long as is necessary to get the "right job". Bob Snelling advocates, "The worst thing that can happen is for a client to get just one job offer.  That puts them in a take it or leave it situation and usually they just take it.  We coach our student resume clients to get multiple offers.  That way, they have a better perspective and can select the 'right job'." 


Job coaching opens doors. Dr. Mulford, Professor at Regent University School of Business, and Director, Center for Entrepreneurship, has had a career based in the study of economic needs and the positive value of making wise decisions to advance one's life. He managed the Rand Corporation project 10-year Housing Assistance Supply Experiment.  As an economist and educator, he has written many books on the relationships between social advancement and personal achievement.  Dr. Mulford comments, "RESUMESBYROSS provides the impetus that gets a life moving in the right direction.  A solid anchor at work provides the income necessary to make not one, but a series of good decisions.  A good direction fuels so many positive things that go way beyond the job itself.  I recommend this service for the academic student entering the workforce.  Getting the right job is good business."


This advice is echoed by University of Dallas, School of Business Professor, Alan Goldfarb.  Dr. Goldfarb has been selected again by the Robb Report magazine, (October 2005), as a "Top 100 Wealth Advisor". His opinion of Resumes By ROSS is that, "It helps the job seeker laser point his or her career and the job coaching leads to a productive path that results in the job that they dream about.  As a certified financial planner and director of financial strategies at Weaver and Tidwell Financial Advisors, Ltd, I know that often plans do not go 'exactly as planned'.  In my own business, I have taken unexpected lackluster performance and turned it into $125 million of assets under management.  When giving advice to college graduates, one piece of advice is a certain winner, start with Resumes By ROSS."


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