RESUMESBYROSS Helps People In Dramatic Transition Find Better Jobs With Nationwide Job Coaching, Resume Writing, and Interview Coaching Service



DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE) February 14, 2006--Robert O. Snelling, Sr.'s newest venture, RESUMESBYROSS, is a resume writing, job coaching and job interviewing business helping job candidates get the job they want. Observing that 20 million people change jobs annually and that the old ideas of a lifetime career have all but disappeared, Robert Snelling has taken his 50 year career as founder and former CEO of Snelling & Snelling Personnel Services and designed a program to help people find the job that they want. One example of a dramatic change is leaving the military and re-entering the job force. Paul Cerjan, Lieutenant General US. Army, retired, and Vice President KBR Worldwide, knows and sees these types of changes daily. "My career has allowed me to see first hand the relationships between education, military service and private employment. As a Lieutenant General in the US Army, I served for 34 years around the world in command and senior staff positions. In education, I was CEO/President of the National Defense University, the Commandant of the Army War College and President of Regent University. In private life, I have worked in management positions at Loral Corporation, Lockheed Corporation and now serve as Vice President of KBR Worldwide. As talented men and women switch roles dramatically, they greatly benefit from insightful, competent guidance. The RESUMESBYROSS job coach program provides this focus for those leaving the military, regardless of rank," states Paul Cerjan.

RESUMESBYROSS follows a proven step by step process that begins with a RESUME designed to get a YES to an interview. Then RESUMESBYROSS does job coaching to prepare the job candidate to get interviews and to find jobs even when they are not advertised. STEP by STEP Instructions guide job seekers on when to use what kind of resume as well as when and how to work with staffing services, employment agencies and recruiters. JOB SEARCH resources are available through RESUMESBYROSS including the best online search engines and private resources. Finally, RESUMESBYROSS helps each job candidate with that POSITIVE ATTITUDE that gets the job candidate re-started in life. Special discounts are available for military personnel and for students just graduating from high school or college.

The slogan for the new company is "GET A YES!". Paul Cerjan comments, "I would also recommend it for university students working through issues and perspectives that lead to long, productive careers. In today's world, you need a plan. RESUMESBYROSS with its job coaching and resume writing service should be your first step in making that plan." Whether you are leaving active military service, leaving high school or college, or making a mid-career transition, RESUMESBYROSS is the place to start if you want to "GET A YES" to that new career."




The company is founded by Robert O. Snelling, Sr. and his wife Anne M. Snelling and is located near Dallas in the suburb of Frisco, Texas. It has a nationwide network of job coaches who assist job candidates in the art of resume writing, interviewing skills and getting a job. The vision statement of RESUMESBYROSS:


It is the desire of our heart to teach others what we have learned in a lifetime of helping millions find their place in the world. A place where they can use their skills, abilities, education, experience and leading to make a difference in their lives, the lives of others, and especially the lives of their families.


The parent company of RESUMESBYROSS is ROSS-HR, Inc.,, a company that hires and trains affiliates in resume, job search and interview coaching.

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