RESUMESBYROSS Offers Free Syndication of

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for Graduating Students & Job Seekers In Transition

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)—March 1, 2006--Robert O. Snelling, Sr. is offering free syndication of his knowledge, tips, insights, experience and advice for getting the right job.  Robert Snelling has taken his 50 year career as founder and former CEO of Snelling & Snelling Personnel Service and designed a program to help people find the job that they want.


This content is available weekly for anyone involved in helping people find jobs.  By participating in the RESUMESBYROSS affiliate program, companies and organizations link into weekly articles, on line job posting websites and a network of resources for finding the right job.  Whether you are a graduating student, a career management executive, a company human resource director, a university placement office, an electronic newsletter or traditional media publisher, you will find Bob to be a prolific writer and perennially favorite source of wit, wisdom and common sense encouragement for the 20 million+ people who change jobs annually.  Joining the RESUMESBYROSS affiliate program with free content for finding the right job is as easy as contacting Robert O. Snelling, Sr. at


"I wish every one could see and hear Bob Snelling's positive, upbeat, yet down to earth advice to job hunters like I have.  As producer of the PBS weekly TV program, "Talking About Things That Matter With People Who Care," I have found Bob a refreshing breath of air in the midst of the negative naysayers. Real opportunities do exist in the job market and RESUMESBYROSS knows where they are, but finding a job is not only skills and resources- it is an attitude that helps you to find, keep, and make the job.  That is the extra you get with Bob Snelling," says Dennis McCuistion.


About RESUMESBYROSS -  The company was founded by Robert O. Snelling, Sr. and his wife Anne M. Snelling and is located near Dallas in the suburb of Frisco, Texas. It has a nationwide network of job coaches who assist job candidates in the art of resume writing, interviewing skills and getting a job. The vision statement of RESUMESBYROSS: "It is the desire of our heart to teach others what we have learned in a lifetime of helping millions find their place in the world. A place where they can use their skills, abilities, education, experience and leading to make a difference in their lives, the lives of others, and especially the lives of their families."  The parent company of RESUMESBYROSS is ROSS-HR, Inc.,, a company that trains licensees and affiliates in resume, job search and interview coaching.

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About "Talking About Things That Matter With People Who Care" - The PBS McCuistion Program is an intellectually stimulating, objective exchange of ideas that challenge prevailing attitudes about things that matter.  The Foundation for Responsible Television funds and distributes McCUISTION, an issues-oriented program that illuminates business, social, economic and public policy concerns and challenges.  Our viewers are individuals from all socio-economic walks of life who get involved in making a difference.



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